What a wonderful weekend away in Oudtshoorn!


A group of us headed up to Oudtshoorn this past weekend for the Kickboxing/K1 SA Champs, hosted in Oudtshoorn this year.

We were of course supporting the Western Province team and most importantly the 4 Thaiholics fighters.


We left early on Friday morning and took a safe drive up through our beautiful province along Route 62. Every time I do a trip like this I confirm my believe that I live in the most beautiful country.

We stopped along the way for a delicious breakfast at "Rambling Coffee House" in Montague .

 Our next pit stop had to be 'Ronnie's Sex shop" to see what that was all about. A must see, at least once in your life, if you travelling along route 62.

After about 5 hours on the road we finally made it to Oudtshoorn where we checked in at our accommodation. Our team stayed at "Klein Plassie". Its an extremely well run, clean, self-catering accommodation with your choice of either little houses of various sizes or if you prefer a camp site for caravans and tents.

The owners and staff were extremely hospitable and the facilities were all we needed to enjoy our weekend in Oudtshoorn. There are a few animals for both the kids and adults to check out, braai facilities, a pool, heaters for the very cold nights, a TV and the houses are safe, warm and comfortable, with endless hot water. The cleaning staff were awesome!


We then headed out to Cango caves for the afternoon, where we enjoyed the very informative standard tour with one of their excellent tour guides. She was friendly, authoritative but kind with those that needed discipline, well informed and passionate about her job and the beautiful caves she was talking about and showing off with pride.

The Caves are incredible and a magnificent natural miracle that all south Africans should see, not to mention all our tourists. Mother nature at its best. I couldnt help remembering all my geography from Mr Paulson at Milnerton High, thanks Mr Paulson! :)


We grabbed a bite to eat at the restaurant at the Cango caves, I must admit while the staff were lovely and helpful, the food was not the best and it was rather pricey.

It was then time to head over to the Oudtshoorn Sports Center for the 4 fighters to do their weigh ins and registration. While the association running it is non profit and we all understand its set up and run by volunteers, we all felt that they could do better with a bit more organisation and perhaps a more modern system to assist them in the admin. There is also over 400 people taking part, so whenever there is that amount of people all in one place, some chaos is likely to occur.

Besides some confusion in terms of what was going on and when, the process was done and we all headed back to Klein Plassie for a chilled evening around the fire. 


After a well rested nights sleep, a warm shower and good preparation by the fighters, we headed back to the Sports Center for the games to begin.

The Kick Boxing and K1 SA champs began early and on time, with an official, formal, but meaningful opening and introduction to the hosts, Chairperson of the board, government and the teams taking part.


After about an hour for warm ups and to get all the officials, refs, judges and fighters organised, the competition got started.

It was a wonderful display of both the contact and non contact sports across various ages, weights, Provence's. The best of the best in our country on display.


Thaiholics had 4 fighters entered in the Western Province team: Mike, Wade, Ryan and Karl.

Mike showed amazing skill, a calmness and a fire within that you are born with. Early into round 1 Mikes opponent tried to throw a high kick which Mike blocked and broke his opponents shin. The fight was stopped and mike walked away with the Gold medal. His opponent was treated for his broken shin and taken to hospital. We saw him afterwards and he was in pain but will make a full recovery thank goodness. We wish him well and look forward to seeing him back in the ring.

In the very next fight, Wade was up and showed how tough he is, how much he wants it and confidence in a Thaiholics styled grace. Round one Wade took some time to feel his opponent out, taking just a few hits in the process, however when round 2 came Wade took no prisoners and finished the fight off in style with a TKO. Gold medal number 2 was bagged!

It was then Karls turn to step into the ring displaying his endurance and fitness. Karl had two fighters to face before claiming his Gold medal. The first fight played out and eventually Karl claimed it by TKO and was sent back to get ready for fight number 2. The fight was barely under way when his second opponent got a crap in his calf and the fight was stopped. After some dicey calls by the ref, judges and officials it was decided that the fight would be repeated.

After a short break, Karl stepped into the ring for the 3rd time, dominating his opponent, causing much damage to his left leg and nearly finishing him off. In the end the Win was most deservedly  given to Karl and Thaiholics collected Gold Medal number 3.


After 3 of our 4 boys had done us proud, we heard Ryans name being called for a meeting with the Chairperson of the event. Sadly they didnt have anybody for Ryan to fight in his weight group and division ( K1) and offered him a Kick boxing fight - full contact, which means he could only make use of boxing and kicks in long pants and funny shoes. Knowing Ryan and Nic, they accepted even though this is not what he entered to do.

After the last minute changes and disruptions, Ryan took on his opponent with a big heart, but unfortunately they gave the W to his opponent on points. Well done on giving it your all and earning yourself silver in Kickboxing as well as a gold for K1 in your weight group.


All Thaiholics fighters took part in K1 - full contact and truly displayed their skills, techniques, fitness and excellent training under Nicholas Radley's leadership and guidance. All 4 fighters made it into SA Champs where they will represent our country in various competitions around the world. Well done to you all!


After a long, exhausting day we decided to grab something to eat at Brain's Grill, it was a perfect place to celebrate, have a drink or 2 and fill our bellys with scrumptious meals over laughs and great conversation.


On Sunday morning half the team headed back to good old Cape Town and the other half decided to take up Cango Wild Life Ranch's half pirce on entry deal due to us taking part at the Sports Center the day before.

Those of us who decided to stay and got home late on Sunday evening will never regret it. Cango wild Life Ranch was amazing! The facilities, set up, animals available to see and interact with, the condition of the cages and animals are the best I have ever seen! The staff are well informed and pleasant. A very special Thank-you and shout out to Garret for inviting us, being an excellent host and a true supporter of the animals and cause.

We had the most incredible time there and I could not be more proud of the work they are doing there. Trust me, just go see for yourself!


Oudtshoorn you were a gracious and beautiful host and we will be back!